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Black Truffles

Black Winter Truffles (Tuber Melanosporum)

- Has a rich aroma, with earthy flavours evocative of chocolate, vanilla, and garlic.
- Colour: ranges from dark brown to a deep black colour.
- Outside: surface has a slight rough finish, should be quite firm to the touch, with just a touch of softness.
- Sliced: should have a white marbling on a brown to dark black background.
- If white inside, shows they are not mature and will lack in flavour and aroma.
- When past their best the truffle starts to harden and begins to lose its aroma and flavour after a week and can turn soft and spongy.
- Shelf life is short. Should be consumed within 1 week of being hunted. A Black Winter Truffle can retain its flavour for up to 2 weeks.
- Loses around 2-3% of body weight every day.

Black Summer Truffles

- Has a delicate flavour and aroma, with hints of earthiness, hazelnuts, chocolate, and vanilla.
- The flavour becomes stronger during the season, by end they are quite pungent with a strong flavour.
- Should be hard to the touch with no softness. 
- Colour: light to dark brown colour.
- Outside: large wart-like bumps in a polygon form.
- Sliced: should expose a white marbling on a pale cream to light brown background.
- Shelf life is longer. Can keep in good condition for around 2 weeks after being hunted.

Seasons for Black Truffles

  • Black winter truffle - Tuber melanosporum : mid November till March

  • Black summer truffle - Tuber aestivum : May till mid August

Frozen Truffles

Perfect for when truffles are out of season. Used mostly for flavouring as opposed to garnishing as it is difficult to produce thin shavings of truffles from frozen truffles.

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